Remember- send an email to your council member or all of the members expressing your concern and share a personal story of how bags are affecting you. For those off island, voice concerns as a tourist and state citizen! Please encourage any and everyone you know to contact the city council and voice their concerns with single-use plastic bags being used in Galveston.



This is a huge step in the right direction for the Galveston Surfrider Foundation, Turtle Island Restoration Network and the Galveston Bring the Bag Campaign!

We need your support to help ensure this ordinance gets passed! Bring the Bag has been invited to the a City Council workshop this Thursday to discuss the impact of a bag ban on local ecology and the economy. We are asking that our supports email, call or come to the meeting at 1pm this Thursday and voice their concerns!

A simple email can put the issues in front of the council prior to the workshop. This will ensure that when they hear the information, they won't be completely oblivious. Send your email today!

Here is a link to the Galveston district map. Locate your council member and copy their email address! For those off-island, send your concerns to the entire council.

Below is a list of our talking points!!!

·        Reusable bags eliminate 22,176 bags per person, per life time
·        Plastics do not biodegrade, but instead break down into small          

         particles that persist in the ocean, absorb toxins, and enter our food         

         chain through fish, sea birds and other marine life.
·        Cleanup of plastic bags is costly. States spend upward of $25 million

         annually to landfill discarded plastic bags, and public agencies

         spend more than $300 million annually in litter cleanup.
·        Single Use bags are a significant source of litter and contribute to

         flooding by getting stuck in storm drains.
·        Refusing plastic bags promotes healthier, greener, cleaner

         environment and communities to live in

November 2016 - December 2017
Galveston tries to outwit bag­ban foes
March 2017
Hearing on overturning plastic bag bans brings out bag opponents

Ranchers, city officials and environmentalists testified on Tuesday, March 14th against a bill that would prevent cities from banning plastic grocery bags or charging a fee for them.

The City of Galveston declares to support the Bring the Bag campaign by; leading our community of tourism industries by encouraging businesses, restaurants and hotels to join; and encouraging contracted vendors to reduce and eliminate single-use plastic bags; and assisting to educate visitors to be good stewards of the environment by marketing the Bring the Bag campaign and Galveston as an "eco" destination.


The Mayor and the City Council of the City of Galveston do hereby proclaim
April 22, 2016 as:

"Bring the Bag Day" 

In the City of Galveston




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April 2016
Galveston Bring the Bag Day!